My Christ-Like Project

This is my New Years resolution list, but it actually is my focus list for life all the time. So don’t be overwhelmed by the length. Many of these things I currently do but it reflects my principles, my hopes, and the places in my life where I can connect myself to my identity in God more and find greater joy. This has been posted on this page on my blog for a couple years and every year I update the practices.

This started by being inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, but if you are familiar with that book my project will look differently. She attempts to focus on one topic a month, which is a great way to do this. What is important about my project is that it is not just about happiness, but more importantly to grow towards Christ and becoming Christ like. Thus, my intentionality guides me towards a life that in every way reflects the deep love and compassion, the awe and the wonder of Christ. So, not a happiness project but a Christ-like project.  I cannot begin to tell you how important this reframe is for me. My life is not my own, and it is not lived for myself alone.  I hope and pray that as I seek to develop myself I begin to see Christ’s image in me and in the life around me. (I do not share because I relieve you need to know the details of my life, but because I share I have accountability and encouragement)

This year, I am hoping to add a specific practices that contribute to the habit in each topic. And then I hope to share fun or interesting reflections on the experience throughout, perhaps as a blog post or an addition down below!

8 Core Principles For Me

  1. Love Christ and his people.
  2. Be compassionate.
  3. Enjoy the process.
  4. Lighten up and have fun.
  5. Claim my voice.
  6. Get out of my head.
  7. Be aware of my body.
  8. Know what I want and need.

My Core Values

  1. Peace
  2. Simplicity
  3. Spirituality
  4. Integrity
  5. Openness
  6. Playfulness
  7. Genuineness
  8. Adaptability
  9. Independence

Growing Specifically: Habit Improvements


  1. Pray daily.
  2. Engage in stillness.
  3. Start each day with gratitude.
  4. Call my family weekly. (They reflect God!)


  1. Laugh out loud.
  2. Find my voice.
  3. Practice reframing.
  4. Dare to fail.


  1. Sleep better. (no phone after 9:30pm)
  2. Make checklists for the important stuff.
  3. Develop a daily night time routine.
  4. Play sports, especially disc golf and soccer.


  1. Hear the experience of others. (culture, religious, ethnic, etc)
  2. Look up and around!
  3. Be interested in the world. (listen to podcasts)
  4. Interact more with Bailey and Reba. (It is grounding!)


  1. Play without phone distraction.
  2. Practice validation.
  3. Develop better patience.
  4. Be a teacher to the kids. (camping, games, school)


  1. Have fun with colleagues.
  2. Try new skills and projects.
  3. Practice saying no.
  4. Disconnect from the phone.


  1. Read daily.
  2. Play board games.
  3. Complete one bucket list item a month.
  4. Go off the path at least once a month. (new, strange, etc)


  1. Be generous.
  2. Focus on others.
  3. Initiate hanging out together.


  1. Spend ahead, not in the moment.
  2. Give to a cause.
  3. Always have something on hand to share.
  4. Meal plan.

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