Morning by Morning (1/23/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Playing disc golf in the crazy fun wind yesterday.  Seriously, I don’t know what was happening with my disc and felt so out of control, which made for a fun afternoon.
  2. Ryan’s growing communication. It’s special to see him think through life and try to talk through it.
  3. A delicious date night with Elana at BB’s cafe in Pearland.  Boudin, pollo bullets, etoufee…Yum!
  4. A fresh week after two long ones this month.  I’m looking forward to a new set of days and hopefully a calm week.

Morning by Morning (1/6/17)

My daily gratitude for: 

  1. The simple smile and hug I received from an 8yo yesterday whom I had only met one time.  I had only played with her for 5-10 minutes with her sand art. Nonetheless, we saw each other in the elevator while she was on her way to an appointment with her grandmother (who I had spoken to for 40 minutes with an interpreter).  Grandmother excitedly greeted me, but the little girl waved with gusto, said happy new year and before getting off the elevator, offered her arms for a hug…and it made my day!
  2. Being in a city with sports playoff games! (Go Texans!)
  3. Warm oatmeal on a chilly morning.

Morning by Morning (1/5/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Elana, and her energetic presence with me and the boys.  It’s such a beautiful picture to see her holding one child while watching the other wait for the bus, all calm and smiling, and know that she chose me.
  2. All the kids that I have gotten to know at the hospital.  I can’t say their names but so many have had an impact on me and brought great joy to me.  Whether they have survived or died, they have taught me how to live with meaning.
  3. Our youth group conversation last night that was open and honest about alcohol, smoking, and sex.  It was a striking conversation and one that made me proud of our teens for their courage.
  4. Over easy eggs, because I love a great runny yolk!

Morning by Morning (1/3/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Aiden’s first day on the school bus.  It was very cute and Aiden and his friends were of course full of nervous energy as the Spring semester starts.
  2. Ryan’s joy and exuberance in watching Aiden wait for the school us and his excitement as he sees every school bus!
  3. A wonderful 10 days of time off during Christmas. So appreciated!
  4. Eggs and toast for breakfast- such a simple but a meal I love.
  5. The awesome, thrilling USC victory last night!!!!

A Short Set of Resolutions

A new year is just another of many ways to be more intentional in drawing close to God and becoming the people we are called to be.  I’m never against New Years resolutions or Lenten fasts or the like, simply because we have to learn to make space.  We should think about Jesus birth all the time, but we celebrate Christmas and Advent to be intentional.  We should always be focused on the death and resurrection of Christ,  but we celebrate Lent and Easter to help us focus.  Thus, this opportunity of New Years resolutions to give us a chance to be thoughtful.  Failure is okay, human, and part of life as we know in other seasons.  

So, a couple of fun resolutions and some serious ones.

  1. Cook through one cookbook through the year.  I’ve chosen the simple Cook This Not That set of 2 cookbooks.  It also connects with my desire to make one new recipe a week, and helps me remember my joy in cooking.
  2. Snack less on sugar.  I may not be able to drop it altogether but I have to do a better job!
  3. Stop moaning and groaning about Ryan and his sleep.  I love my rest, but so does he.  Life is challenging, but I have a great wife who helps me take care of Ryan and I must learn not to be so self centered.
  4. Develop my personal prayer life more.

Morning by Morning (12/27/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A great Christmas Day, which we celebrated on the 26th, so that family and Aiden could all be a part of holiday time.  My Dad and I made breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit.  Family watched and played with the kids.  And there was lots of joy, excitement, and love present in our house that morning!
  2. Watching Ryan play with Aiden and my parents.  His experience, mind, and joy just keeps growing!
  3. The continuing Christmas season (there are 12 days you know!) that provides plenty of family, fun, and joy in the arrival of Christ most importantly.
  4. Bacon. Done.  You know you agree!
  5. Green chilies!

Morning by Morning (12/13/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Giving gifts.  I just love finding good gifts for people! It probably is one of my top love languages for showing love. So Secret Santa time is great!
  2. A beautiful snowy looking real Christmas tree in our house.
  3. All the people doing all the roadwork for the new 288 toll roads.  Making a road seems simple and also annoying for me as a driver, but they  do good and hard work and I appreciate them for it.
  4. Good wine.  Enjoying cheap decent bottles most of the time at home reminds me of the good quality wine that is so delicious.

Morning by Morning (11/25/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Elana scheming to get me to a Thanksgiving meal! It seems to be a strength of hers to “manage” the adjustments of life.
  2. Making a bomb digging turkey with a simple recipe.  I hadn’t made one before but hats off to a dry brine and stuffing a turkey with apples and onions! (The turkey was my contribution to this meal since I couldn’t be there)
  3. Having a 45 minute FaceTime between Ryan and I and my whole family in So Cal while they enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  It was fun to see parents and my brother and Ryan’s cousins and aunts and uncles.  So glad Ryan got to have that too.

Morning by Morning (11/22/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Late night conversations with Elana.
  2. Nicole Snyder, who married a great friend of mine and has brought him much happiness over theIt years of dating and months of marriage to this point. Happy birthday Nicole!
  3. Thornley Hoch, who I still celebrate and appreciate for his generosity and friendship.  Even as he ages into his 90’s he forgets others names, but always remembers my name and always asks “How’s Ryan?” every time he sees me.
  4. The new vanilla Life cereal.  I dig it.

Morning by Morning (10/25/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Rest, sleep, etc.  Ryan’s terrible 2’s have arrived in the last week and the fussiness has gone through the roof, and the meltdowns for small things have increased.  It’s quite funny at times! Not so other times.  But it makes me grateful for the rest that does come!
  2. Our facilities and cleaning staff at the hospital who maintain and refresh our rooms, bathrooms, waiting areas, and offices.  Taking care of our families and kids cannot happen without them.
  3. Naan and the spicy sauces that we bought from the Indian booth at the Farmers Market  (two of them actually- Ghost Chili sauce and Chilotle Almond sauce).  They might be salsas with an Indian kick. Whatever they are they are good.