Morning by Morning (5/30/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Liz and I’s relaxing morning.
  2. The sunflowers that Ryan planted and watered with me. Their blossoms are beautiful!
  3. The way Scripture speaks to the cries and demands for justice and righteousness, especially Jeremiah, Isaiah, shorter prophets.
  4. My uncle Mike Moore, whose sports love and passion is second to his love for his family and extended family. He loves very deeply and I appreciate him all the time! Happy birthday Mike!
  5. Frank Placencia, one of best doctors around. I just sit amazed and humbled by the way he serves and leads with humility and a deep well of wisdom. Happy birthday Frank!
  6. Tim Hughes, a friend from Bering who friendship and conversation have blessed me in this last year. Happy birthday Tim!
  7. Finding bread flour in the store!
  8. The shade of our trees.
  9. Water, and especially cold water when I’m outside on a summer day.

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