Morning by Morning (5/28/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. This painting in our CICU hallway that has caught my attention these last couple weeks.
  2. Collaborating on a presentation with Diane Murrell, Sarah Stoney, and Vanessa Battista for MDA. It’s humbling to work with these wise and wonderful women.
  3. Catching up with Carleigh Greenly, one of my favorite people! It is encouraging and mean full during this time to see the people that have made impacts on us and renew the connection.
  4. Iman, one of the CICU RN’s who has always been a good friend and witty and appreciative of my support of families. I appreciate her quite a bit!
  5. Those who are working for families with food insecurity across the globe, in Texas, and in Houston. Such critical work.
  6. Pam Fosters chaplain leadership at Cook Childrens.
  7. Those wise minds working on developing our skill of spiritual assessment as chaplains.
  8. A warm lunch when I feel cold inside the hospital.

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