Morning by Morning (4/3/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Good memes, see my favorite below!
  2. Ryans successful dental procedures. I missed being there with him but he was a trooper as usual.
  3. Sleep. I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!
  4. Chatting with Jessica F and Jennah K, some of my favorite nurse friends.
  5. The support I receive from Heart Center leadership.
  6. Respiratory therapists. Man, so we have some great ones at TCH.
  7. Megan Ostrom, a PT whose joy and energy are second to none! Her giftedness for her work is a perfect fit. Happy birthday Megan!
  8. Riccardo, one of the managers at Vinology. He was kind to help pick wines for Liz, to deliver them, and carry himself with zest for life and kindness to others.
  1. Hand washing. I am grateful for the doctors in the 1800’s who identified hand washing as helpful and the epidemiologists who keep it front and center at preventing the spread of infection.

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