Morning by Morning (4/2/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Liz’s enduring love for life. Happy birthday love!
  2. My chaplain colleagues who are fathers, Tony and Chris. These guys are thoughtful listeners, big hearted, and also good nurturers of their kids. I appreciate that.
  3. A great day for Liz’s bday. Good friends (virtually), good wine, and good family time.
  4. Beverly Thetford. She is absolutely one that of the most heart-full people I know, whose servant heart reflects such a deep faith. Happy birthday!!!
  5. Kristen Neff, whose leadership as a supervisor I respect. But I am grateful today for our catch up this morning!
  6. Frank Placencia, and his hilarity and acumen for both medical and emotional support of families.
  7. Suzanne Gulick, and her ministry overnight at Texas Children’s. She’s great, and full of energy and passion as a mother and former nurse.
  8. Getting nice walks around the neighborhood, especially around the morning and evening.
  9. Ryans growth spurt! He is getting so tall, and growing into quite a lovely boy.
  10. All the friends who shared birthday wishes for Liz. We have a great village of love around us!

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