Morning by Morning (2/29/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My grandmother Lorine, whose birthday was the leap year Feb 29. She was a light and continues to be a light in our family. Her zest for life, hard ass biscuits, love for Jesus, and deep well of compassion made for one special grandma. Love you still Grandma.
  2. Michael Bell. He’s one of those guys who knows me so well and always seems to know the right thing at the right time. I appreciate the wisdom he brings to my life.
  3. The fellowship among friends during the Bering Service Saturday at the Christian Community Services Center.
  4. The immense love SOuthwest Central has for their local community and being salt and light for the people around them.
  5. The Meet and Eats at Bering.
  6. Girl Scout cookies!