Morning by Morning (2/24/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Having enough. Enough clothes, enough food, enough “toys” and games, enough house, enough all. Want continually expresses itself but I have enough.
  2. Hang out time as a family with the Luber family (Sam, Sally, and the kids). They are good people who came around just as Liz and I were growing into family and became great supporters!
  3. The Harrod’s and their hospitality to us. Happy birthday Jim!
  4. The good coffee Liz got for me from House of Coffee Beans.
  5. Liz surprising me with a trip to kombucha while I was away for the weekend.
  6. The bus ride back from Camp for All with great conversation with Will Decker.
  7. Liz and Ryans comfort at Bering.

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