Morning by Morning (2/22/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Liz’s support and appreciation of my career and work as a pediatric chaplain.
  2. Sharing quality time with the Decker family and seeing them grow as a family.
  3. Supporting fathers at the Retreat of Renewal. It is humbling to watch their love for their families and also to be the receiver of their memories, their stories, and their hopes as they move through grief.
  4. Playing capture the flag at camp.
  5. Jeff Fischer, who was so important to me in my short time in transition in SoCal before I started at TCH. His humor and brotherly kindness supported me so much. Happy birthday Jeff!
  6. Brittany Goldy’s engagement!!! This makes me so happy for her and for the future God creates for her.
  7. The health of my family. Any time at this camp reminds me to appreciate the people around because life itself is fragile.