Morning by Morning (2/20/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My partnership with Liz, which is foundational for all the beautiful and hard things life brings, and consistently challenges me towards the person God created for me.
  2. Lunch with Ryan and his friends today. I love sitting with 5 year olds and love seeing my son interact with his friends!
  3. Ms Gonzalez, the admin who welcomes and cheers and watches out for all the kids at Kolter. What a gift she is to Kolter!
  4. Officiating at weddings and having the humbling privilege to pronounce a couple husband and wife. It’s such a privilege to me.
  5. The quiet afternoon.
  6. Completing a major project and feeling relief with its finish.
  7. Girl Scout S’mores cookies!!!! They bring me joy…and I am passionate about them so much that I had Liz jump out of the car to grab a box randomly passing a set up troop outside a pet supermarket. lol.