Morning by Morning (2/19/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The story of the temptations of Jesus. Today as I was doing my normal reading, I was taken not by his knowledge of Scripture, but the reflection of trust through his interaction.
  2. Jessica Vaughn, whose heart and love as a RN and more importantly, as a follower of Christ, is constantly a source of inspiration and hope. Happy birthday Jessica!
  3. Ryan growing up. It’s beautiful and yet hard to some extent as a parent, but it’s humbling to see regardless.
  4. Working with Rainey and Kiersten yesterday, and seeing their Heart center leadership.
  5. Feeling the trust from the couple whose wedding I’m officiating tomorrow. They are young and hopeful and of course nervous, and I treasure their trust during the vulnerable time.
  6. Hiking with Liz. It’s some of our best time together, with great conversation and laughter.
  7. Feeling in good health all around today.