Morning by Morning (2/17/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Gods presence in stillness.
  2. My parents preparing to move to Houston. I love following them step by step and knowing that a year away has become months!
  3. Buescher State Park, where Liz and I enjoyed a hike yesterday. I loved the elevation changes, the lovely yaupon hollys and live oaks and loblolly pines, and the beautiful smell of pine on a cool day.
  4. This Valentine I received from a family and little one I know! So cute!
  5. Andrea Sawyer Gray. I got to know her as an RN in the PICU and now I get to see her all the time in Cardiology. I love the way she brings voice to her work, a voice that carries wisdom, humor, and advocacy as a genuine person.
  6. A weekend with lots of outside time and things I love to do.
  7. A Bucc-Ees drink and snack on long car drives and after hikes. The choices there are great for us after sweating on a hike!