Morning by Morning (2/3/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The pretty hikes Liz and I have taken these past two weeks, including Brazos Bend yesterday.
  2. Ryans comfort at and understanding of himself at Bering Drive. This week he even stood in the communion line on his own, contributed offering, and sat through service handing out his own encouragement cards during service. I love this.
  3. The lakes and ponds and creeks of Brazos Bend, which held a calming and relaxed feeling.
  4. Hala Needham for her focused and calm presence in the CICU, and her leadership both in crisis and normal time.
  5. Our Super Bowl hangout time with some wonderful people of our church, especially Gina and John Rebman, Dwain Evans, Rolf, the Hubers, and the Goode’s among many others.
  6. Getting a hospitalized 9 year old to smile and laugh today. I have appreciated developing a bond with him.
  7. Playing fetch with my dogs this morning.