Morning by Morning (1/16/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Playing Forbidden Island with Liz. She is pretty competitive so it’s fun trying to play a cooperative game and trying to beat the game together!
  2. Catching up with one of my favorite OT’s, Tara Mullikin this morning. It was a treat to see her.
  3. The way Bering Drive embraced Ryan for his Pinewood derby success. The church made an announcement during church, people came up to see his car, and he got a couple of encouragement notes in the mail. And he smiled because of all of it!
  4. All the people involved in making and delivering my food- the farmers, harvesters, packagers, deliverers, drivers, and many others.
  5. A healthy self, healthy wife, and healthy son. I am always aware of how fragile and precarious that is and how it isn’t taken for granted.
  6. Reading Gods word this morning during my meditation time.
  7. My walk with Ryan into his school every day.

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