Morning by Morning (1/14/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Catching up with a family I dearly love from the CICU, praying with them, and sharing laughter about life at home. They are soaking up life at home and experiencing great joy, which makes me happy.
  2. Brandon and Anna Huber. Their kindness and gentle spirit as a couple were a blessing during our after church and lunch conversations this past week. Awesome!
  3. Alese Henderson, as one of first nurses in the Hermann NTICU that welcomed me and became a friend. And her Belize heritage and stories is partly why I knew to look at honeymoon possibilities in Belize!
  4. Liz’s ability to comb through many possible history textbooks and know what she is looking for as she is assessing them. That’s pretty cool.
  5. The sunshine on a chilly day. It’s amazing how magical sun and cold can feel together.
  6. Blank slates and opportunities to create new routines for my life. These are so golden and so appreciated.
  7. Sunsets. They are gorgeous.