Morning by Morning (1/8/20)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Jacqui Denham, my dear sister in law. I have appreciated getting to know her more and more over the years and seeing her faith grow continually. Happy birthday Jacqui!
  2. The intensity Liz brings to everything she does.
  3. That feeling I get walking out of a room with parents when I was at my best and I feel like God used me in the perfect ways for a family.
  4. Lavender and Ryan C, whose persevering journeys through the beginnings and middles of doctorate and dissertation inspire me in many ways.
  5. Joel Blest, a chaplain at Memorial Hermann whose gentle presence and wise demeanor have been an anchor at their Children’s Hospital.
  6. Hershey’s demeanor and growing comfort with us. He is coming out of his shell more and more and as he is, we are loving him more and more.
  7. The Houston Holocaust Museum.