Morning by Morning (12/29/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Joy. It’s one of the hardest attitudes/emotions but typically for me it is found with family gatherings at the holidays, the laughs of our kids, sharing another’s burdens with compassion, and the enduring peace of God- all of which tell me there is deep good in this world.
  2. Hang out time with Aiden and Ryan, seeing them play and laugh with Liz, and introducing Aiden to In N Out, and watching Ryan eat a whole In N Out Burger!
  3. Ben Snyder’s call today. 3 min phone call but it was great to hear his voice.
  4. Ryan trying bites of each of his barbecue chicken and mixed veggies. Such a relief to have Ryan opening up to trying new foods.
  5. A safe and good drive to family in DFW area, in which Ryan also went all the way with no tech.
  6. The willingness of Bridget Hughes and Jennifer Christian to lead or participate in the worship team at Bering. We are gifted with their voices.

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