Morning by Morning (12/26/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A good first Christmas Day as a couple. It was good to share it with Liz, her parents, and Ryan.
  2. Giving gifts that bring smiles to Liz and Ryan.
  3. Maria Bryant. She is an amazing mother whose attentiveness, compassion, love for learning, and cooking are just lovely. Happy birthday belatedly to my awesome mother in law!
  4. Suzanne Dean, an RT at the hospital who is funny, faith filled, and an unflappable spirit. Happy birthday Suzanne!
  5. Dan Garrett, a friend from SWC. He is such a calm and supportive friend. Happy birthday Dan!
  6. 3 Brothers Bakery. I love their hamentaschen and love that I introduced Liz’s parents to that place.
  7. Liz’s moms baked pasta and damn good meatballs. Having an Italian for an in-law is quite a winner!