Morning by Morning (12/19/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryans graduation to the next level at Wolfies Swim School! This was a long time coming but so good. My little man is learning to swim well.
  2. Our Legacy Tower 14th floor office get together, which was successful and full of laughter and good food. I love these events and love coordinating them!
  3. The anticipation of a good Christmas week with Liz’s parents, who are coming in tomorrow!
  4. Working on Christmas Eve day, which will help as we are without Ryan on Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day.
  5. Vicki Rupe, a long time friend and encourager from Arlington CofC. She was helpful in giving me a place one summer as I got myself in order as a college kid! Happy birthday Vicki!
  6. Having a flexible job and colleagues who understand how schedules get affected with kids, sicknesses, and kids activities.

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