Morning by Morning (12/17/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My aunts successful surgery, and for the support she received from my uncle, her kids, and the many people praying.
  2. Martha Haun. What a good friend over the years! She will always be appreciated for her hugs, positive spirit, willingness to be a rebel, and her deep faith as a teacher. You are awesome Martha! We miss you.
  3. Kellie Thiem’s heart as a nurse and the advocacy, compassion, and energy she brings to the families she cares for.
  4. The Advent and Christmas motif of Light. Light in darkness, a light is come, a light shines…these are profound and motivating images for me that draw me through the whole season.
  5. Doing Secret Santa/Snowman at work. It’s awesome to coordinate and see the joy and fun others have with it and see its impact around the office.
  6. Beach Christmas decorations. I love them.
  7. Reading to a child. Never gets old.

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