Morning by Morning (12/10/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The continued Christmas feeling in our household.
  2. Santa’s letters back to Ryan! My parents did a great job and Ryan loved it!
  3. Alex Harber, one of our young adult friends at Bering whose wit and kindness have been a blessing to us. He always finds an opportunity to greet us, listens well, and brings a good humor.
  4. Tracie Jeffers, one of the ECMO RT’s that blesses each and every family with focus, deep hearted kindness, and a fearless advocacy. She is amazing, and also been very kind to me!
  5. The staff at Kolter that work so hard to bring a smile and good care to all the students, and to Ryan, especially Ms Gonzalez up front and the school nurse Cathy.
  6. The extra minutes after a snooze and the feeling of warmth as I pull the covers back over.
  7. The art and decor in Legacy Tower. It’s so silly and colorful and is quite soothing for me.