Morning by Morning (12/9/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Lighting the Advent candles in church with Ryan. What a memory for me to share! Ryan actually participated a lot yesterday, including shaking people’s hands to pass the peace (and saying peace be with you!), helping collect offering, and participating in communion. But lighting with him was a true joy.
  2. Liz’s ability to figure out scheduling and possibilities. Our family is blessed by her skill.
  3. Samantha Parker. Her giftedness as a mother is remarkable, and her loyalty, perceptiveness, and empathy make her friendship awesome. Happy birthday Samantha!
  4. The Palliative Care team at TCH. I stand amazed and humbled by what they reflect as a team and how their compassion and effectiveness blesses others. Their work for the Candlelighting last night again was a gift.
  5. Being Pepperdine Alumni, and sharing their wonderful Holiday gathering yesterday. The food was amazing! The people awesome!
  6. Jeff Christian’s voice as a minister at Bering, and his ability to include and engage all around him in simple yet meaningful ways.
  7. Finding the right places for Christmas decor in the house.