Morning by Morning (12/1/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. This sunrise off the back porch at my brothers house. Beautiful.
  2. Watching Liz and Ryan hold hands and grow closer together.
  3. Southside Church of Christ, and how they have nourished and provided community for Josh, Jacqui, and their kids.
  4. My professors at Pepperdine who helped challenge me to learn, write, seek goodness, think, and have faith in more mature ways.
  5. Chad and Jennifer Huddlestlon, and their incredible passion for Christ and as great passion for the people in Japan. They were such a calming and wise presence during my summer in Japan in 2002.
  6. The arrival of Advent, my favorite season of the year.
  7. A good night of sleep in a warm bed.