Morning by Morning (10/31/19)

My daily gratitude for the PCN Advisory Council meeting and the people that made it great:

  1. The Cenacle Retreat Center who showed great hospitality to all of us.
  2. The lovely snow that gifted us with another aspect of Chicago beauty.
  3. Lindsay Bona’s leadership of PCN, with her hilarity, her firm but loving focus and great energy.
  4. Lavender’s wisdom and supportiveness for all, especially for me through the years.
  5. Ryan Campbell, and his presence, vision, and ability to see with different eyes.
  6. Matthew Tweddle, who attention to detail and skill with people and other worldly ability to connect with others made for great fun and friendship as a blessing to PCN.
  7. Stefano Mugnaini, and the time I got to spend with him getting to hear his story, his life, his chaplain ministry, and his fatherhood. His humor and experience are a gift to the PCN Advisory Council.
  8. Kimberly Russell’s great voice and honesty as a woman who claims her role in ministry and as a friend to others. What a joy to share our time with this week!
  9. Anthony Britten Campbell, whose mentorship and presence are always a blessing to me.
  10. Rebecca Carl, and the way she carries herself with confidence, wisdom, and love for life.
  11. Jennifer Prechter, and her voice, her love of her kids, and her eagle eye attention to detail.
  12. Erin Babb Krasowski, who I already thanked this week but who showed us the Columbia Yacht Club and allowed us to see the joys of her life.
  13. Kathleen Ennis Durstine, a director that any chaplain would be blessed to have. Her passion for educating and helping others practice the skills of chaplaincy is unmatched.

Morning by Morning (10/30/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The kind encouragements of others as Liz and I understand and help Ryan with growing his social skills and listening skills at school as the youngest of his class.
  2. Betty Linder, one of the sweetest and big hearted people I know. Betty has a passion for serving others, and often can be found blessing Braes Interfaith, Hospitality Apartments, UH Campus Ministry, and many others. Happy birthday Betty!
  3. Christi Tran, who is a nurse and one that reflects intentionality and purpose in her work each day. Happy birthday Christi!
  4. Adair Galanski, and the help she has given me for the memorial service this Sunday. It has been perfect and more than kind.
  5. My time on the PCN Advisory Council. What a great gift and treasure it has been to be a servant. My time will end by next May’s conference, but this is the last Fall meeting for me.
  6. Some of my fraternity friends who truly helped me mature into college and beyond- like Jeremy J, Peter, Vaughn, Jay, Ken, Jeremy T, and many others. I grew up with their help and I appreciate it as I was very unpolished when I got to Pepperdine.
  7. Tapas with friends!
  8. Cute pics of Ryan and Reba!

Morning by Morning (10/25/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Efforts for mental health and suicide prevention. It is encouraging to be riding the “L” here in Chicago and see positive compassionate messages.
  1. The Crepe Shop here in Lakeview. Great mocha this morning, and an even better turkey, mushroom, and spinach crepe. I also had a great view!
  1. Jason, who is hosting us this weekend and loves Liz dearly. Their friendship means a lot to me.
  2. Caleb and Brandy, both as professors and parents. They are advocates, teachers, and people of God.
  3. Peter Wilson. At Pepperdine his hospitality, friendship, and enjoyment of life were noticed and appreciated.
  4. Braes Resale Shop. The efforts they make to bless the lives of the poor and needy in our area, and to empower those in our neighborhood, are just inspiring.
  5. My parents love of camping.
  6. The fall foliage and colors that are beginning to express themselves here in Chicago.

Morning by Morning (10/24/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Vacation time in Chicago to refocus and have fun with Liz and my PCN friends.
  2. Tim Hughes. We enjoyed conversation, fellowship, and sharing of life over coffee. Good guy and great to share in the journey of church life with him at Bering.
  3. Natasha Afonso. I love her medical care and the voice of authority and passion that she gives to every family. She has a presence that conveys her excellence and kindness.
  4. Fioza coffee shop in Meyerland. I remember the days when Steve, Caleb, Michael, and I came here on early mornings to read Scripture, fellowship, and process life.
  5. Letting medical students, social workers, or other chaplain students shadow me. I love sharing my passion for chaplaincy, and also helps keep my spiritual care in good form.
  6. Brent Spivy and Glenn Harper and the ways in which they care for, serve, and bless so many at Southwest Central from big things to little things like changing lightbulbs for the elderly or bringing dessert to every gathering.
  7. Every time Ryan says “I love you”

Morning by Morning (10/23/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryans creative play…he’s so cute!
  2. Our family pumpkin carving which left both us and the pumpkins with smiling faces.
  3. Angela Carriaga, whose perseverance and humor and mothers heart reflect her amazing strength.
  4. Sarah Spadaccini, and the ways the has and continues to bless Liz with support and love and also for her great wedding toast for us!
  5. Sheba Ninan. She is a gentle person, a person of dedication and duty, and a nurse who serves with selflessness.
  6. Watching Astros games with Liz, who always cares about the things I care about and has fun with sports as I do.

Morning by Morning (10/22/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Spiritual Care Week. This is the time that I get to celebrate chaplains who serve staff and families across many different arenas, and who know how to journey with others, see with different eyes, and hear with different ears. These are people who often walk on sacred ground and are honored by it.
  2. Stephen and Dawn Lucas. This couple loves, and they love with loyalty, commitment, and laughter. Love them!
  3. The Garay family and the way they have lived life and parented and made decisions in the ways that honor their own unique love and faith.
  4. Houston Astros baseball in the playoffs. So fun!
  5. Full nights of rest.
  6. Getting home on time.

Morning by Morning (10/21/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The friendships and encouragement I receive from my fellow chaplains. It is so sustaining to me and it is never lost on me.
  2. Matt Tweddle, one of the most gifted chaplains I know. Matt is so perceptive and understanding, and that works out in his creative, fun loving, and thoughtful ministry and friendship. Happy birthday Matt!
  3. Kathy Jones. Her hospitality and kindness to me whenever I visited Bryce was amazing. I loved her genuineness and joy in spite of physical ailments, and it is good to now see her enjoying life as fully as possible. Happy birthday Kathy!
  4. Liz’s readiness to celebrate. It’s even caught Ryan who now thinks anytime we have drinks, we are supposed to say Cheers!
  5. Kids in the neighborhood Ryan can play with.
  6. The nourishing rain for the plants and flowers in our yard.
  7. The family fun at Old Time Christmas Tree farm. Lovely place but a great place for family time.

Morning by Morning (10/19/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Running a 1k together as a family. Ryan ran the whole way, and loved his medal. Liz and I encouraged and supported and enjoyed our simple run!
  2. Southwest Central CofC, the church that sheltered me, grew me, inspired me, and journeyed with me as God called them too.
  3. Bering Drive CofC, the church that currently nourishes my family and my faith and provides an open space to listen to God.
  4. Texas Children’s Hospital. It has been an orienting force in my life, place of home and challenge, and a place that has become a reflection of Gods work in this world.
  5. Tiny Desk concerts and the chance to hear artists get creative and fun and even simplify. Beautiful!
  6. The big open blue sky on my drive to a wedding today.
  7. The gift of performing weddings and seeing the unique places and beautiful spaces couples find.

Morning by Morning (10/18/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The end of the week. This weekend is going to be great family time- tenting in the backyard with s’mores, a family 1k, a Rocket day for Cub Scouts, a wedding, church, and a pumpkin patch. Ready for it!
  2. The Superhero Run tomorrow, and the Batman costumes we will be wearing!!
  3. Kiersten Betker, a nurse manager who leads with spirit and energy and gifted ness. I really love serving with her.
  4. Liz’s efforts with Ryans education. She went to Ryans parent teacher conference, pays attention to his homework, and is always reading and attending to PTO stuff. I love it!
  5. Phil and Barbara Rices hospitality and love. It is always a joy to spend time with them!
  6. Bobbie Huebner’s prayers from afar. So encouraging.
  7. Hosting the Bering B Team (young adults) on Wednesday nights. It’s great to feel like we are settled and welcoming others in now.
  8. Making a fire and s’mores with Ryan.

Morning by Morning (10/16/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The hide and seek that happens every day when I get home. Ryan and Liz hide under the sheets of one of their beds and I get to act a fool searching for them. It’s cute and fun for me.
  2. Date night for Liz and I at Lifeline! (Look at the gray in my hair! Geez!)
  3. Brent Peery, his leadership of Spiritual Care at Memorial Hermann, and his ongoing friendship and encouragement of me in my chaplain career. So blessed by him!
  4. Beverly Thetford, and the hug and smile we always get to share when we see each other.
  5. Pam and Bob Krinock, who also went to the Lifeline Concert. I love Pam and her ability to bring understanding and joy to every place she is at, and I always love seeing Bob and hearing his intentionality with everything.
  6. Tricia Biggs, and her new gig in Pulmonology. Her joy is contagious, and her breezy, high spirited personality is such a gift to her nursing.
  7. The music performed last night by Jamie Rochelle and Amy Stroup in their unique sets. It was encouraging and inspiring and calming.
  8. Every breath I take. The longer I live and work where I work, I take it less and less for granted.