Morning by Morning (7/22/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The adventurous weekend split between my partner Liz and one of best friends Stephen. They made for a great weekend full of fun!
  2. Ryan’s deep sleep face (see pic)
  3. Ryan Coleman. He’s just good in so many ways. I think about his physician skill, his role as husband, his role as father, and his role as friend, and believe in the goodness he creates around him. Fantastic blessing to know him! Happy birthday Ryan!
  4. Colby H, a PT at TCH who is so playful and encouraging in her therapy with kids. That kind of presence is needed. Happy birthday Colby!
  5. Nirica Borges. I have been very touched and inspired by her generosity and faith as a physician. Serving with her always feels like she is serving families with full hearted ness. I love it. Happy birthday Nirica!
  6. The wind and waves of the Gulf yesterday. I felt the smallness and wonder being out there and appreciated the calm hearing waves and the sway of the water.
  7. Partnership that gives space for individuality and personal time. Thanks Liz!
  8. Hilarious comics (see pic)

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