Morning by Morning (6/17/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My Fathers Day weekend, which was full of good things that reminded me of why I wanted this journey in the first place. It included 3 completely full days of being focused on Ryan and quality time together. Loved it!
  2. Liz arriving home safely last night and being home. She had delay upon delay and finally got home very late. But we are glad she’s home!!
  3. Ryan’s expression of fear of the storm and then his expression of trust that as his daddy I would protect him from it. The lightning and thunder scared him, and the feeling that I could calm him in the face of it feels priceless.
  4. Caleb and Brandy McDaniel, and specifically their hospitality and flexibility with me to share their house with me as I started life in Houston back in 2012. I am grateful for them for many reasons but today I remember how their kindness enabled me to grow into my independent life post college. And they were good landlords but better friends.
  5. Celebrating all the fathers out there, and being inspired as a father by the fun pictures, sweet words, and amazing stories that I heard in person or I saw over Facebook or IG. It’s special to share the title of father with all of them.
  6. The Enneagramandcoffee account on Instagram. It fits me as a 9!
  7. The quietness of our home every morning before the sun begins it’s work.