Morning by Morning (6/15/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Liz having a great conference as she expands her already strong teaching skills. I’m grateful she has had a great time in NY, both learning and having some fun.
  2. Having a great friend like Stephen Lucas. He is so present and caring and willing to be flexible. And it is not lost on me that Ryan loves Stephen as an uncle, not just a friend.
  3. The power of a simple 5 minute visit in the hospital. My ministry is built on simple but connecting short visits that speak to a family- you’re not alone.
  4. Ryan going all week long in school without an accident. He has been doing well with sparing accidents the last 3 weeks, but to have none this week really felt positive. So we celebrated with some Legos!
  5. Making chocolate chip pancakes with Ryan. Father son mornings are pretty fun, especially on Fathers Day weekend.
  6. Liz’s thoughtful Fathers Day gift of a Chemex coffee maker. I love pour overs!!
  7. The ability to show up at the place I bought my SUV and get it serviced because I bought it here. It’s convenient and it’s nice to not have to buy anything this morning!