Morning by Morning (6/10/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryan’s learning my sarcasm and humor and playing it back with me.
  2. The two beach pics that greet me every morning in my office.
  3. The hospitality of Bering Drive CofC yesterday.
  4. The people who teach me what advocating for justice and equality while also doing it respectfully and honestly. It’s not an easy thing to move into conflict, and yet our world requires voices who courageously stand tall with deep compassion. And I have mentors all around me to learn from.
  5. The shade that the trees around our house provide during the summer heat. They are large and great protectors from sunshine.
  6. The Chinese food from Hu’s Cooking yesterday. Liz and I have been looking for a good place for that cuisine without the buffet. And it was delicious!
  7. The Dragon Blossom kombucha from Kickin Kombucha. I return to it every week because it’s really really good.