Morning by Morning (6/6/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryan’s new song he has learned and is proud to sing: “God our Father, once again, thank you for our blessings, amen”. I just adore his singing these songs that ingrain a sense of gratitude and faith into fun things.
  2. The incredible support and encouragement we get from both of our parents.
  3. Writing cards of encouragement that go to families whose children have died in the TCH PICU. It’s a hard task, but one that carries great reward in connection and ongoing care.
  4. Danielle, an RN who has shown her compassion through advocacy for a patient this week. She has always paid attention to his needs, his desires, and his interests, and now, is not just medically caring for him, but advocating for his well being and peace. Compassionate nursing at its finest.
  5. The show Ryan is into now, “Justin Time.” Its a good show and imaginative, which is perfect for Ryan.
  6. The teamwork of our young chaplains in planning an important memorial service for someone at our hospital. I love working with Chris and Natalie and seeing them continue to grow their chaplain skill and wisdom.
  7. Leftover pizza. Just cause.
  8. Ryan’s young toddler pics!!!