Morning by Morning (6/5/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Our family dinner of raspberries, carrots and ranch, cubed cheese, and apples. It was awesome and fresh and Ryan was interested, so that is great.
  2. Ryan and his best friend Alex. Their joy together is a gift of joy to me.
  3. Sara Lukkason. I met her and Chad at ACU and found their zeal for sharing the gospel to be encouraging, but their desire to do it in a way that was culturally sound, respectful, and by raising her family within the Chilean culture to be amazing. Happy birthday Sara!!
  4. Sara Henley, whose thoughtful care for others and bubbliness and welcoming hospitality always meant a lot. She lived med school with great effort and insightful honesty. Her and Carson are such great people.
  5. The kindness and welcome of Ryans new teacher Ms Ruby.
  6. The rain that provides needed water for my grass and bushes.
  7. The sound of a pouring rain that lulls me to sleep. For some it wakes them up, but for me it’s a beautiful sleeping background.