Morning by Morning (6/3/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Watching Ryan stretch himself more in the kiddie pool yesterday by doing swimming motions, diving under (even in shallow water) to get rings, and freely going under the water to go from floaty to floaty. It was really encouraging to see him feel comfortable and willingly do some things he has been hesitant to do. Go Ryan!
  2. Silly ice cream faces from Ryan.
  3. Quality sleep. We remember how good it is on weeks we don’t get it!!
  4. Ms Clementine, who when she welcomed Ryan to her classroom today reminded me of the depth of love of teachers on the whole, but especially of her love for students at Grace School.
  5. The garage door working finally yesterday after it’s being dormant for the first 2 weeks in the house. I was able to move in my workbench and tools and that is so exciting!
  6. The kindness of the TCH bus drivers. I don’t know that all have had my experience, but I have appreciated their courtesy towards me.
  7. The Henri Nouwen daily reflection email. Really really encouraging and gentle.