Morning by Morning (5/27/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryans yell of “Daddy” when he sees me after school or after church class. It melts my heart in love for him.
  2. Leland and Scott Bowers, two friends from high school that meant a lot in my life and drew me out of my shell. They taught me courage and humor at its best.
  3. Jessica and Alex Vaughn, for many reasons, but particularly for the depth of love and courage to be ready to adopt a child. They love God so much, love others, and love church. That love speaks into their desire to adopt.
  4. DeAndre Gibbs. I have had the joy to watch him grow up, learn to be a young man, and mature in faith and life. And I had the honor to pray over him for a graduation blessing! (Pictured is both DeAndre and Keyshon’s family)
  5. The Holy Spirit, and the way it speaks through still small voices, nature’s grand gestures, Scripture, my imagination and heart, and the wisdom and voice of others. The spirit is a gift and it is all around.
  6. A house that feels like home.
  7. The sun shining off the water at the beach. The shimmer is fascinating and beautiful.
  8. Having a quiet washer and dryer.
  9. Learning to play better soccer. And getting to run, play, defend, pass, shoot, and just have fun with a bunch of people. I love this every Sunday!