Morning by Morning (5/23/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My cousins Chris, Amanda, DJ, Brittany, JV and Chris D. I’ve got great family.
  2. Helping Ryan learn…including last night practicing writing his alphabet letters and also learning the hand eye coordination to screw in screws and build things! I love being a teaching father…which leads to being a proud father.
  3. My small group and the supportive community we share which offer windows into Gods heart and work in many ways.
  4. The profound sacred power of laughter in a hospital room. And I love bringing that as part of my ministry!
  5. Playing soccer with a giant beach ball with a hospitalized kid this morning. It was such a pleasure to play with this 5 year old and laugh with him and his dad. It’s a great experience to start with in my first week in the Heart Center.
  6. My Legacy Tower 14th floor office. I love the large windows and sunlight and all my office mates.
  7. Trying new coffees and exploring the different tastes.
  8. Exercise, and specifically getting to play soccer and disc golf this weekend and get back into that routine.