Morning by Morning (5/20/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The help from Josh and Jacqui all weekend. Their efforts at building and unpacking and encouraging were so helpful.
  2. The little kiss I get every morning from Liz!
  3. Ryan sleeping in his bed through the night all 4 nights he has been with me since the move.
  4. Stacey Jutila. I do appreciate the way she listens to others and thinks through issues and perspectives. She was great to serve with and always seemed so present to me as I shared about my family life. I very much appreciate her!! Happy birthday Stacey!
  5. Hearing about anime, voice acting, and some more of Luci’s life story at church last night. Her joy for her work is wonderful.
  6. Presenting and facilitating discussion at Lifeline events like the one this past Saturday. It is still challenging to present as an expert but it is so fun.
  7. This college teacher humor which I have laughed at a lot watching Liz teach!