Morning by Morning (5/16/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The three movers who were absolutely amazing yesterday and very kind and careful, especially with Ryan around.
  2. Finally getting everything in last night. That was a relief
  3. Watching Ryans excitement with a new place and seeing his room come together again.
  4. Performing a baptism yesterday. It wasn’t a joyful occasion but for a family that was disconnected from pastors because of bad previous experiences, I got to be a little light to them in a dark time.
  5. The loving and affirming gratitude I have received from the nursing staff in PICU. This has meant a lot to me, hearing from staff I love and staff I didn’t know so well and staff I didn’t even know had seen good work in me. What a treasure!
  6. My chaplain friend Matt Schlageter. I love his love of FSU, especially now that I am in the family, and I love his consistent voice for justice. Happy birthday Matt!
  7. My cousin Chris Denham. I appreciate his love for family and his kids, and I cherish all my great memories with him as kids in Cali.
  8. AC. Since it’s still pretty early in the summer heat, I didn’t realize how much I valued the AC. Wow. The machine is not quite turning on at our new place, and it will be fixed this morning. Last night with moving boxes and trying to nestle in bed, it was fairly warm and humid! Can’t wait for the relief of AC.
  9. The joy on childrens faces. Contagious.
  10. Beach sunrises.