Morning by Morning (5/11/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Loving the D. family at the hospital so much it hurts. It’s because it is worth it.
  2. The nurse Stacy in HemOnc who cared for D. family and whose heart is gold. Her passion, genuine humor, and willingness to listen to the hurt of this family resounded yesterday.
  3. The week of support I have received from Liz as my partner and friend.
  4. The movie Coco, which is beautiful, hilarious, moving, and inspiring in many ways. I love the encouragement to seize the moment, but the way Coco is rooted in family is amazing. I think if my grandmother every time I watch it.
  5. All the exciting prep work we are doing moving next week. It’s amazing to think we are 5 days away!
  6. Brandy McDaniel. Her motherhood has always been special to me as she seems to live life as a mother as fully whole and intentionally. It’s special to see her wisdom and her advocacy as a mom!
  7. The families whose kids were in the hospital for a long time and I got the pleasure to get to know, to serve, to laugh with, and to learn from.
  8. Ryans lifegiving smile that stays with me on the weekends he is not with me, especially one in which a hug from him would mean a lot.