Morning by Morning (5/8/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Nurses all over, but nurses in the PICU. Today and all week and all year I celebrate them. But today, I celebrate their protectiveness and fiery passion to heal.
  2. My morning playtime with Ryan. We have had a great week with his willingness to turn off the TV, play, and go to school. I love my time with my boy, and missed it last week.
  3. Seeing all the grateful and celebrating families at the TCH Trauma Survivors Day this past Saturday.
  4. My beloved mothers at SWC who strengthen and support me like my mother does. K Pipes, Beverly Thetford, Barbara Rice, Sherry Lucas, Jo Sandifer, Shirley McCollum, Laure Tucker, and others.
  5. All the colorful murals and photos and art around the hospital at TCH. They add such love and warmth to this place!
  6. My breath, which calms me and centers me when I feel anxiety or worry.
  7. The chance to be a friend, and show up for someone else.
  8. The grief I feel this week. My grief reflects the places of joy and delight I have. And I have great joy in the PICU and the family of S and J. Because of that joy, it is hard to grieve.