Morning by Morning (5/7/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. All of the nurses in the PICU. It’s nurses week, and I celebrate with great wonder the compassionate, consistent, and selfless way they care. In the PICU, the nurses are hit with cases so stunningly tragic, with parents so desperate, with children so hurt or sick…and their hearts and minds are full. It’s quite an honor.
  2. Will D. My lunch with him was quiet but needed. He loves his kids so deeply, and loves his wife even more. Watching him deal with tragedy is hard, and yet his love is inspiring.
  3. Liz getting closer to the end of Finals week.
  4. Ryans increasing comments and curiosity about God.
  5. The way Ryan moves in every direction after he wakes up but is still sleepy. It’s quite hilarious.
  6. Ryan sleeping. I envy his full commitment to it when he’s there.
  7. Hobbit Cafe, as their patio area and good food are always a great place for Liz, Ryan, and I to enjoy.
  8. The delicious chocolate tarts I made yesterday.