Morning by Morning (5/4/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Liz’s desire to serve and care for me always. Her heart is so grand she will serve in her tiredness and exhaustion.
  2. Ryans snuggles and smiles and reading this morning. In his play this morning I heard him pray and share gratitude and pretend and imagine and wonder, all in his play. It’s nice to have my around.
  3. Ken Cukrowski, a professor whose joy and creativity are as deep as his faith and intelligence. Happy birthday Ken!
  4. Sharing fellowship with Virgil Fry during g the flight home from LA. He conveys such a calm and peaceful and genuine presence as a friend and mentor, especially when a flight home needs to be relaxing.
  5. Representing TCH, and representing TCH Spiritual Care through conferences during this week and the blessing of Trauma Survivors Day today.
  6. Much needed deep sleep last night after a full week away!
  7. Soccer and the Houston Dynamo.
  8. Trimming my beard after a couple weeks finally- very needed.
  9. Dragon Blossom kombucha from Kickin Kombucha!!! Love it.