Morning by Morning (5/1/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Meeting new friends and colleagues at the PCN Conference through a hike today!
  2. The love I feel when the breeze and sunshine pour over me in this SoCal and beach location.
  3. The immense blessing of friendship with Tracy Nolan and Eliza Stoddard Leatherberry. These two are such skilled chaplains, respected friends, and people full of genuine love and presence. They are such gifts!!!
  4. My Texas Childrens colleagues here at PCN, who represent TCH so proudly and joyfully! Blessings for the joy of Jessica, the thoughtfulness of Pam, and the passion of Kirstin.
  5. The flowers and plants at the Serra Retreat that are just stunning!
  6. Quality time for Liz and Ryan yesterday.
  7. That fatherly longing I have to get back to Ryan and take care of him as he is under the weather. I love my boy and love being a snuggler of a sick boy and bringing him smiles and calm.