Morning by Morning (4/22/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Sharing Easter service at a Catholic Church and Southwest Central CofC. It was quite an honor to share celebration in support of Liz and vice versa.
  2. Loving families at the hospital by leading the Easter service at TCH. The three families I met touched me with their faith in the face of fearful lonely times. I am grateful that God is alive, and that his light shines even in dark places.
  3. The amazing weather of the weekend.
  4. The many workers who provide produce for our meals and food. As I picked strawberries this weekend, I thought about the nameless workers who pick and wash and prepare fruit and vegetables from the fields as a service, not a pleasure. Thank you for this invaluable service to our world!
  5. Having so many good strawberries around.
  1. Ryans Easter egg hunts and all the smiles it brought us.
  2. The courage of apologizing, as I was teaching Ryan yesterday. Saying sorry and giving forgiveness are two sides of a difficult coin, but so worth it.

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