Morning by Morning (4/20/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The beautiful weather of Friday and Saturday of this Easter weekend. Easter ought to feel like new beginning and grace, and for me, this sunny weather is a reflection on both of those.
  2. Sharing a relationship that is based upon lifelong partnership and commitment to hard work.
    Strawberry picking with Liz and Ryan, and having such beautiful strawberries to use all week long!
    Easter brunch with the Tucker’s, Watson’s, Sargents, Powell’s, Brent Spivey and others from Southwest Central. Ryan got to play with Nora and Cora and even got to play and plant in the Tucker garden! Lovely and full of grace!
    Michael and Laure Tucker, and their hospitality and welcome for all. They have many times opened their home, cooked amazing food, and shared their faith and thoughtfulness with me. I love them so much!
    A good fountain drink soda!
    Ryan’s deep belly laughter, and the joy it fills me with.
    Dates, because they just are good.

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