Morning by Morning (4/19/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryans Easter egg hunt at school! It’s so fun to see pictures of his bounty and know he had such a fun time!
  2. My CPE colleagues, and how they have had a hand in my development- Tom, Russell, and James M in particular.
  3. Seeing strength in parents at the hospital. They inspire me all the time, like the parents of S, J, and N, and the courageous laughter and tears they have shared throughout the hospitalizations and their pursuit of understanding the medical world that has helped them. Many parents show their strength by their willingness to show up and love all in. I love it!
  4. Longing for the PCN gathering in a week and change. This group of people means a lot to me, which is partly why I have found great joy serving on the Advisory Council. But this year I long for them because it is a crowd that is very good at sharing joy and sharing grief- it is quite easy to be fully myself amongst them.
  5. Our Spiritual Care Department supervisor, Mary T, for her leadership and understanding and clear compassion. She may be interim, but she is really appreciated.
  6. Sunshine that comes after the rain.

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