Morning by Morning (4/17/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The Trauma And Grief Center at Texas Childrens Hospital, and their amazing and broad work with children who are losing or have lost a parent or sibling, or helping kids after major incidents like Harvey. What a great group of folks!
  2. Our dogs, Bailey and Reba, and their presence and role in our family.
  3. Anytime Ryan wants to read.
  4. Another of Ryans swim classes tonight. The anticipation is helpful for Ryan through the day, but anticipation of learning to swim helps me immensely!
  5. Michelle, a Child Life in the EC who was so helpful and effective in her work with a family, advocating for what was right and needed, and being a great support to me too.
  6. Keeping my mind focused on the present moment!
  7. The joy Ryan brings to opening gifts, like he did his Easter gift from Maria and Paul Bryant, who gave great gifts! Ryans joy for opening and seeing is a beautiful thing to watch!

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