Morning by Morning (4/16/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryans fashion on Sunday!
  2. The week in California I’m going to have, including a short bit with family, and a bit with pediatric chaplains, but all in SoCal where I am always at home.
  3. Bryan Schackmann, and his exemplifying community through joy, humor, and the all in ness that he brings to everything he does. He was a support to me in Malibu, then in Abilene, and now from SoCal, and he has shown loyalty and inclusiveness the whole way.
  4. Adam Jacobs, who has been a good friend since high school although we did not go to the same school. His friendship has aged well, and I have appreciated that he has allowed me to continue being part of his circle. I have always appreciated his genuineness and willingness to give of himself to his friends.
  5. Jon Burdett, another friend in SoCal, who I continue to grow with. It’s been a pleasure to walk through life with him, and have him as a continual encourager. He too gives of himself, but in all he does, it always has his flair and life to it.
  6. My Florence experience from Pepperdine, which exposed me to the world and what could be had, and all the beauty around the world.
  7. The stretch of drive up PCH from Riverside to Malibu. That’s a beautiful drive and one I can’t wait for!