Morning by Morning (4/15/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryan and Aiden’s face when they first saw the beach!!! (Pictured)
  2. Dynamo games and Dynamo victories alongside my love Liz!
  3. Quality time with Ryan and Aiden together yesterday. They play so well together, and their joy abounds. Liz and I were so gifted with the opportunity and the adventures of the day- beach, kombucha run with Aiden, checking out his old Parker school, playing at home, checking out our to be house, and Freddy’s custard while we were out. But to do it all with Ryan and Aiden and their joy was an awesome experience.
  4. Hearing the Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday reading yesterday. Just having it read aloud, beginning to end, letting Holy Week sink in…it was very humbling and challenging.
  5. Bobbie Huebner, and the way she ministers through prayer and Spirit, to me, Southwest Central, her family, and many others.
  6. Joyce Van Houten, and her support and joy for me in my relationship with Liz. Her happiness and spunk are life giving!
  7. The Growers Project Rosato that Liz and I found in Fredericksburg. It’s such a beautiful refreshing, drinkable, and dry wine.
  8. The blue sky and warmth of the sun on my skin on this cool morning.