Morning by Morning (4/11/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Seeing one of the most beautiful end of life situations yesterday, most of all for the way family generations were honored with the dignity of their own solo time to hold and talk and love this boy. This family held joy and sorrow, relief and grief, laughter and silence in ways I have rarely seen. So touching.
  2. Ryan getting to plant a flower at school and getting excited to show his work every time we walk into school.
  3. Wolfies Swim School! Great place! I love the parent upper deck.
  4. Ryans swim teacher, Mr Jonathan, who was patient and playful with Ryan when he was nervous to get in at a strange place, but also when he was scared of putting his face under water. His style was a great thing to watch!
  5. All the unseen people that make Grace Episcopal School fun. Ryans teachers have a huge role, as does Ms Edolia, but those whose name I do not know have a large part in Ryan’s maturation too. To the cooks, the maintenance man, the cleaners, and others- a heartfelt thank you!
  6. Ryan sleeping in his bed till his morning wake up time this morning.
  7. The amount of natural light in Liz and I’s house (only 33 days till move in!)