Morning by Morning (4/9/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Peace, for stepping up to babysit Ryan for a bulk of yesterday and having such great playtime with him. I love that she was so willing to love on Ryan and loved that she and Ryan got so imaginative.
  2. The female figures in Ryan’s life (on my side). Liz, my mom, the ladies at small group, his teachers, bible class teachers at church…these ladies are having such an amazing impact on Ryan and opening his mind to God, faith, fun, imagination, reading, play, and love.
  3. All the fun events for Ryan and I this past weekend. Birthday parties, concert, play date, and parks! I love getting to do all these things with him.
  4. Kristen Webernick, a respiratory therapist and a friend who has managed her grief and joy so well over the years, and whose joy with her new baby just makes me so happy for her. I appreciate her openness and courage in faith.
  5. The excitement and nervousness that I feel watching the NCAA tournament and the championship last night. I love watching great games!
  6. Saving a PTO day thanks to Peace and Liz!