Morning by Morning (4/8/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Liz, for her selfless commitment to our family and our partnership. Whatever better I will be years from now, it’ll be because of her support of love, care, wisdom, and selfless giving to Ryan and I. So blessed and humbled by her.
  2. Continually coming back to God, where I find value and intimacy with His love, but also where I find solidarity with others that compels me to show up in this world for compassionate and just causes. For me, it starts with God.
  3. Matt Vandagriff. He was a minister in my area a couple years ago before moving to another state, and he was such a gentle guy with a great humor, but a passion for his faith and making his faith a substantive compassionate faith. I also appreciated basketball at his church! Happy birthday Matt!
  4. Organization. Over the last couple weeks I have reorganized all of my Dropbox, Drive, and Files and have them looking the same and organized more sensibly. I can navigate them now lol!
  5. Kombucha runs. I found some great flavors yesterday!!!
  6. Ryans play at a bday party, which brought out a great smile!