Morning by Morning (4/6/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Sleeping in with Ryan snuggling right next to me this morning. It was a father’s good morning.
  2. Getting to say “my fiancée!”
  3. Being the person a grieving and angry parent will vent to. I know I can’t fix it, bring their child back, or change the mistake or bad moment, but I know that they need to name how they feel to begin moving forward in grief, and I’m happy to be that person in the face of anger, grief, sadness, and distress.
  4. Learning a new board game, El Dorado, with Stephen and Ben. Super fun!!
  5. Strategy board games.
  6. Ryan’s dentist visit and his hilarious pic from being a pampered patient. This is my boy!!! I’m also very glad that he gets to visit his dental hygienist grandmother who takes good care of him when he’s there.
  7. The gift of the sun and moon and their respective beauty.